$10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card Caption Contest

I thought this would be a fun contest! Emily woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning and wasn’t her usual cheerful self.

For your chance to win a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble, leave a comment with a caption to the photo above. I am not affiliated with Barnes and Noble, and comments are moderated. Keep in mind, this is a family site — keep it clean, people!
Winner will be chosen Wednesday, July 1st @ 6:30pm EST. Good luck!!


  1. I have altered the deal. Pray that I do not alter it any further.

  2. Sour what? Sourpuss!

  3. Lenetta @ Nettacow says:


    (Subtitled) Now keep moving!

    :>) I have a lot of those mornings . . .

  4. Mama King says:

    Miss Emily was told there would be no Paparazzi!

  5. ONe PiNK FiSH says:

    Did you not hear me? SCRAM!

  6. "Good thing I packed my angry eyes!"

    (adapted form Toy Story 2)

  7. Where's my coffee… Mornings are rough!

  8. Shooting Stars Mag says:

    "All models are troubled these days!!"

    Cute photo, even if she wasn't her happy self. Those do happen sometimes!


  9. Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville If she doesn't scare you, then nobody will. Cruella, Cruella, Deville

  10. Did she eat a lemon or a lime, hey they make my face look like that too! LoL

  11. Darn it Jim! Im a doctor not a scientist.

  12. "Emily and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!"

  13. This is "Blue Steel", finally perfected.

  14. "What you talkin' 'bout Mommy?"

    Am I dating myself by making references to "Different Strokes?"

  15. Tamara B. says:

    So you think I'm funny, how funny do you think I am.

  16. Night Owl Mama says:

    MOM! If you expecting me to smile well its not happening!

  17. "Are you looking at me? Cause it looks like you're lookin' at me. Stop looking at me!"

  18. "We are not amused."
    I have those days too.

  19. Clemencia says:

    HEY! what are you looking at!

  20. katydid6 says:

    That was NOT in the budget! Approval for further spending denied!

  21. cindy in FL says:

    "I must not smile — no, I won't — you can't make me!!!"


    "oohhh, sour patch kids are sooooo goood!!!"

  22. Infant Bibliophile says:

    "Hand over the camera and no one gets hurt!"


  24. Crystal says:

    What do ya MEAN we're "out of banana boats"????

  25. Mama King says:

    Valerie, Lu got Emily's letter! Tell Emily thank you! Lu just adores her little book and stickers. Thanks! I posted about it today. Kim

  26. Catherine says:

    I will melt your brain with my laser vision if you do not give me some cheerios NOW!

  27. what do you mean….wrong side of the bed?!?! it's pushed up against the wall!

    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  28. Val in the Rose Garden says:

    "I am not who you think I am. Be afraid. Be very afraid."


  29. First Mom wakes me up from a peaceful sleep, then I break a nail, and finally, I get my picture taken without getting dolled up first. What's a girl to do!!!????

  30. Lindse94 says:

    Mom just wanted to give you a glimpse of my teen years!

  31. CoveredInCrafts says:

    You want me to eat WHAT?!

  32. Michelle says:

    I'll give you two seconds to get that camera out of my face.

  33. dealwithitsimply says:

    Where's My recycling Box!
    – recycling crafts zero dollars
    – coloring the snow zero dollar

    waking on the wrong side of the bed PRICELESS

  34. dongdong says:

    "Why can't I get it?"

    (by my daughter)

    "You are not making my day" (me) 🙂

  35. royaldixie says:

    What are you doing and why am I awake?

    newmommyin08 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  36. Bridget says:

    Even princesses have the right to wake up on the wrong side of the bed… some days.


  37. MaryAnne says:

    "Don't say I didn't warn you…"

  38. shannon says:

    caption: Whatchew talkin' about momma?!

  39. …And this is my angry fish face.

  40. Meredith says:

    Really, a girl has one bad day and you get the camera out? Mom, I will remember this.

  41. Firefly14 says:

    "I put a spell on you…and now your GONE!"

  42. Firefly14 says:

    "It's not sour!"


    "Look mom! I am NEMO!"