Painted Orange Slices

The girls loved painting these cute orange slices, and they were so simple to make! Just cut a paper plate in half, and use some masking tape to mark off the segments of the orange. Invite the kiddos over to paint!!

Emily will take any excuse to paint, plus her favorite color is orange, so this craft was an instant hit!

It didn’t take long for Clara to get in on the painting action too!
Orange slices always make me think of Summer!
Allow the paint to dry completely, then peel off the masking tape and outline with black marker. Beautiful and super-frugal!!

Have fun!!


  1. Katie's Nesting Spot says:

    Those are cute, great tip to use the tape.

  2. Dear Valerie,

    Now my food will slide off of my plate. At least the plate will look pretty while the food is sliding off.



  3. Artistmama says:

    Very cute!

  4. I have been doing "o" with my little ones so this would be the perfect craft. In Australia oranges are a winter fruit- they are in season now- they always taste awful in summer!

    • Deanne, you might be eating the wrong variety? Navels are in seasons during winter (and are my fav…delicious!), but Valencias are the common summer variety so we enjoy them all year ’round in northern Vic.
      I guess if you don’t live in a citrus growing area and can only buy imported ones I can understand why they don’t taste great!

  5. Nadia@FunWithMama says:

    Too cute! what a great idea! 🙂

  6. blackspreen says:

    how nice art it is , I am really surprised that a kid has done it. she is really expert on arts.

  7. Lindsay says:

    oo those look so cute and delicious!

  8. Phyllis says:

    I can see that a watermelon slice could be made, too, by using seed-shaped tape pieces instead of the lines. Very sweet idea.

  9. Super Duper Cute….AGAIN!!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    These are awesome Valerie! I now want an orange though!

  11. Night Owl Mama says:

    so fun. Love how cute that turned out. WoW your daughters look so much alike. Both in Piggy tails

  12. That is so cute!… Can't believe how much they look like oranges. I didn't know her fav color was orange. Sweet.

    Guess what? I recycled some old crafts. Was cleaning up & instead of throwing them away I put them back in the craft box. I am making progress. 🙂

  13. MaryAnne says:

    Nice resistance painting project =)

  14. Raising a Happy Child says:

    Delicious – it also looks so bright and cheerful. I love your ideas!

  15. Christy says:

    Super easy and cute!

  16. Just Breathe says:

    Now there you go with another great idea. Those are so cute!

  17. Lame Shrill Owl says:

    So fun & so simple. I wouldn't tell my daughter what it was until we removed the tape. Here is ours: